St. Augustine’s Church is The Episcopal Center at the University of Rhode Island. We embody a progressive understanding of Christianity, enlivened by the URI campus community and its intellectual vigor. We offer a place to explore, learn, and inquire into your faith at any age. Our worship is come-as-you-are, child-friendly, and informal.  Our life together offers camaraderie in the Gospel work of feeding, sheltering, and celebrating God’s goodness; practicing wise stewardship in creation; offering deep prayer; and hosting great parties.

Please contact the Parish Office to learn more about our life and ministries, or to communicate with anyone in our leadership.


Sunday: 9:30 a.m. In person and virtual

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Holy Week Services are listed under Upcoming

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Memorial pergola leaves may be ordered using the form here

Email: staugsoffice3@gmail.com

Telephone: 401-783-2153

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