Staff and Bishop’s Committee

The Rev. Elizabeth Sherman, Vicar and Chaplain

Beth Sherman just returned to Rhode Island after serving as Rector of St. Francis’, San Francisco for the past 7 years.  In her 14 years in Rhode Island, prior to her time in California, she was Vicar of Christ Church Coventry (now St. Francis), Priest-in-Charge at St. David’s on the Hill in Cranston, and was the Episcopal Chaplain at Brown and RISD. She was involved in the diocese in a variety of ways, including as a member of the Standing Committee andsummers at the Episcopal Conference Center. She is thrilled to be back home.  Her two dogs–Buffy and Willow- and her small parrot-Tinkerbell–are glad to be here, too.  Beth loves to camp, hike, kayak, and read. New York City is one of her homes away from home. Her friends and family bring her great joy.  Beth co-owns a yoga studio in Providence, and is an artist who works with photographs, paint, and found objects (organic and human made). In particular, she is fascinated by and drawn to the juxtaposition of nature and  industry.
Her first Sunday at St. Augustine’s was December 1, 2018 and she is honored to be the new Vicar of St. Augustine’s.


The Rev. Robert P. Izzi, Liturgical Deacon

Rod Luther, Music Director
Rod LutherRod plays piano music for all types of functions including wedding receptions and fundraisers. He teaches jazz piano, accompanies vocalists, and performs in solo concerts. Rod has studied improvisation techniques with David Darling and taken jazz studies at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He has studied jazz piano privately with Stanley Cowell and Norman Simmons. He is a founding member of the Providence Piano Club.

Susan Stiles, Priest Associate

L. Gail Wheelock, Deacon


The Reverend Gail Wheelock, a retired Deacon, assists as needed on our clergy team. St. Augustine’s was her home parish when she was ordained in 1989. During her active ministry years she served liturgically in several South County parishes and worked in homeless shelters, at meal sites, at the Episcopal Conference Center and as a college chaplain.

Gail graduated from St. Lawrence University. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She completed an MA in history at URI and taught in the URI Continuing Education Program for several years. In 1977 Gail became an RN and was employed at Scallop Shell Nursing Home for 25 years.

Gail lives in Jamestown with her husband Richard Ayen. They are avid fans of URI basketball and enjoy a large family, most of whom live in Rhode Island.

Cheryl Petrosinelli, Parish Administrator

Cheryl was born and raised in Rhode Island. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, she began a career in teaching which would continue for twenty years. After earning a Master’s Degree from Providence College, she worked as a school administrator in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for twenty years until retiring in June 2017. In her spare time, she has always enjoyed reading, cooking and baking. She loves to walk and takes advantage of the many trails and bike paths in RI as an opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. It has been a goal for her to visit each of the states in the US. To date, she has traveled to thirty four.

Bishop’s Committee

Jane Bates , Carolyn Davis—Senior Warden, Victoria Escalera—Treasurer , Roy Heaton—Junior Warden, Dwight Giles, Annie Kammerer, Margaret Rostrup—Clerk,  Patty Steere-Fox, Annette LaRosa, Richard Youngken

Delegates to Diocesan Convention 2020

 Carol Miro and Bonnie Sardinha

Alternate Delegates to Diocesan Convention 2020

Susan Brown and Kathie Gibson


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