Community Ministries

The Senior Lunch program, hosted on a monthly basis, provides an opportunity for seniors and others of any age to gather for a meal and fellowship.  Guests are assured of a memorable meal and congenial company. The only requirement is a good appetite.

Feast Day Dinners are held approximately 6 times a year on special liturgical dates. We gather for a a potluck meal and Eucharist.  Check the parish calendar for upcoming dates!

The Jonnycake Center and Welcome House both in Peace Dale,  and the W.A.R.M. Center in Westerly, receive food contributions along with many volunteer hours from parishioners.  

The Episcopal Charities Fund of Rhode Island is a funding agency for social service programs and committed to helping change the lives of Rhode Islanders who are in crisis and need.  St. A’s has a special pledge drive each year to support Episcopal Charities and least year it exceeded it’s goal!

Environmental Stewardship efforts, facilitated by St. A’s Green Team, have provided forums for the larger community with climate change presentations and discussions beginning in 2007. A “Burgers and Bulbs” (both CFL and daffodil type) event was held to promote energy efficient practices. Church members have served on the Board of RI Interfaith Power and Light and initiated the diocesan wide environmental stewardship task force GreenWays.

Annual fund raisers include Clucky, a Yard Sale and a Christmas Bazaar.  These are great places to volunteer and get to know people!  (Click on the links to learn more!)

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